Previous Work

Clown Interview – For this project we were asked to be with a partner and produce an interview about any subject. We chose to the interview about Clowns because it was a popular subject around that time. In this project i was in charge of the camera work and i edited the video at the end.

Film Trailer – For the film trailer project we were asked as a group of 3 or 4 to choose a film genre then make a film trailer for it. we choose horror and this is the film trailer that we made together but each on of us had to produce their own edited film trailer.

Muller Advert – For the advertising unit we were asked to produce a radio advert after we got given a product, our product was Muller Corner Yogurt. Even though i was with a partner, we were asked to create individual radio advert. With my advert i was in charge of everything, i planned the idea, found actors, recorded the sounds and done the edit.

Foley Sound Making – As a group we were asked to chose a film and re-record the sounds. We tried to use any objects and surfaces so we can remake the sounds that are in the film. Each one of us had to record some sounds and then we edited the video together.

Music Video – The music video project was an individual project so i had to do everything on my own. We had to choose a song then make a music video for it. I chose Adele’s sound Send my love because it’s one of my favorite. During the pre production process i faced some problems but then i worked through them and produced a music video that meets the criteria.


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