Before starting with my actual research i went and planned my contextual, audience and technical research in this document: ResearchPlan


Research summary:

At the end of the research I think i have found the contextual and audience research more useful this is because before doing the audience research i just had an idea about my audience but now i have a clear and clarified idea that my audience are female teenagers from the age of 13-18.

To me the least useful bit about this research is the technical research this is because I have done time-lapse before and i have not thought of any other new skills.

After completing the contextual research I have not changed anything about my concept for my idea,  but i have thought about adding and developing my idea further. e.g now i want to use stop motion and get rid of bokeh lighting technique this is because after reading more into it I thought that slow motion is more powerful than bokeh lighting as well as i have not done slow motion before and it would be great to start experimenting this now with my FMP.


Reference Page – I firstly searched on how to film time lapse and i found this video on YouTube that also gave me idea about shutter speed an other technical terms to do with time lapse.– i found this website that is all about time lapse. Accesses on 24th April– video tutorials. Accessed on 24th April – accessed on 27th april



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