Focus group

In the focus group I will be with 3-4 people talking about poetic documentaries and my FMP idea. I will try to find student from the other level 2 media groups that watch documentaries, they don’t have to be particularly interested in poetic documentary because this focus group is mainly focusing on my FMP idea.

I’m going to share my idea, tell them about the title of my documentary and the different moments I have for each stages of life. I’m hoping from this focus group I can get their opinions and any suggestions they have for my idea, just like what I did for the peer feedback but this would be more extended discussion.

To make this process easier for me, I will record the talk and then type in the their opinions and suggestions.

Questions and answers: 

Question one: Have you heard of poetic documentary before? 

person 1: “No but I think my teacher told me something about it, can you describe it for me again”

person 2: ” yes I have”

person 3: ” yes I have seen alot on youtube”


Question two: Is there any improvement you could suggest for my idea? 

person 1: “Try and think about the music, choose one that is suitable for your documentary type and your title”

person 2: ” No it’s actually a really good idea”

person 3: ” i have nothing to say because i really like what you’re doing it looks like  strong idea”

Question three: What does the title “Life Stages” make you think of? 

person 1: ”makes me think of teenagers and finding first love”

person 2: “it makes me think of my life and what I am doing ”

person 3: ‘ it makes me think of


At the end of the focus group i left with good and positive responses. To me the focus group is more successful than the survey it is different hearing people’s opinion and suggestions about my idea face to face rather than looking at the comment on a screen as this as well helped me to know what my audience like and enjoy. This focus group has helped me to discuss with them about ideas on how to improve my idea e.g. one of them suggested to me to have a think about music, before this discussion i actually have not though about music therefore i am glad i did this. Their opinions made me even more exciting about my idea as all of them suggested to how my idea is unique and strong, i am glad they found my idea creative and i hope i can produce a piece that is up to a good standard.