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Audience Research- Survey


I am going to conduct qualitative and quantitative methods for my audience research.

For my primary research: I will conduct a survey and a focus group, from both of those research methods I will make sure that leave with different answers that can help me with my idea either to improve it or to change something.

I did a survey online on Survey Monkey, I then emailed it to some students and I have printed some and went around the college asking student to answer my survey. When I get my data i will combine both surveys with Excel and them summaries the results. I thought that having two-part surveys will be a quick way to gain responses rather than just doing an online survey and wait for the answers.

In my survey I asked people about their age, gender,employment and educations status. I also asked them about  documentaries, what do they like about them, do they always find it something useful and helpful to watch, where do they watch documentary from and if they heard about poetic documentary before?.

Throughout this process I discovered a button in survey monkey that allow me to add more responses manually this saved me some time as I don’t have to use Excel anymore. Therefore I combined the online and printed survey results together and this is how it looks:

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As you can see 24 people answered my survey 13 being female and 11 being male.To get to know my audience better i asked whether they were employed or not? More than half of the respondents answered with a “No” and only 1 person have a full-time job where it left us with 10 people saying  they have a part-time job. In this question I didn’t put in a comment box for them to tell me what is their job, this is because i don’t really need to know what is their job as knowing they have a job is enough to know who is my audience.

One other question that I asked in my survey was : What do you like about documentaries,? This question has mixed responses, here is some of the comments:

“depending on the title I find it enjoyable”


“Factual and mysterious”



“keeps my brain active”

“I like to learn new things or find out more in a subject I am already interested in”

“If the topic is interesting like gaming or animals”

“They can be interesting and I can learn something new about what I like”

More than 5 people answered that they watch documentaries because they find it interesting. I know that they find it interesting depending on the subject or title of the documentary, one person actually answered and said that documentaries are interesting especially if it talks about animal or gaming. Learning the personal side to my audience helps me to create a piece that they can relate to and enjoy.

The last question I asked was ” Have you heard of poetic documentary before?” nearly 60% of them answered with a “NO” leaving me with 40% of the people who have heard of this type of documentary. Obviously the 60% is not what i was looking for but hopefully once people have seen my final piece they will understand what a poetic documentary is and a full understanding of the message behind my piece.

For my secondary research:  I will use different resources to help me with my audience research. One website that is really helpful: YouGovProfiler, this website gives information about buying habits, viewing habits and many more. From this website I got a profile of people who watch a documentary channel.


I couldn’t find a profile on documentaries on its own however from this website I got the idea that the majority people who watch different documentaries on more than one channel are male aged 65+. Their general hobbies and interests varies. They enjoy reading, gardening and listening to music. This research helped me because now I can clarify my FMP idea where i set moments for older people and decided that i will film older people reading and gardening. Also from this website i knew that my audience like to listen to music, therefore i have to make sure that i choose the right music type for my documentary so people who watch it can be interested in what they see.

When searching about poetic documentary on YouTube I can see that poetic documentary is no that popular. The most viewed poetic documentary on YouTube has nearly 23,000 views. This does not mean people don’t like poetic documentary or they don’t look out for it, to me I think they just don’t understand the heavy message or emotions behind each video.

Audience Profile

After collecting and analyzing my primary and secondary research I can now assume that the majority of poetic documentary watchers are girls between the age 13-18 who enjoy watching documentaries if it talks about a subject they are interesting in.