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Contextual Research

For the contextual research I chose 3 videos that relate to my idea. Not all of the videos that I am going to analyse are documentaries about life or life stages however they do relate to my idea because of the way it was shot and the use of the technical skills. circles Experimental film.

This video shows a normal day of a working man, leaving home to go to work and then coming back to the same spot where the film started.


What I like most about this video is the camera work. I like how they filmed this experiment film while the camera is till and not hand-held, this is useful because it makes the viewers establish everything in the shot. This video uses different shot types e.g. close ups, wide shots and under shoulder shot. The effect of using close up is to show the viewers the emotions of the character, letting us see how they feel and how they’re reacting. Using wide shot to establish the surrounding in the shot is useful because us as an audience we can feel related.

The editing of this video is simple as there is hardly any transitions which makes it interesting to watch this is because over using transitions can make any video long and boring. Using the circle shape over the footage is a really clever idea, emphasizing the circles around us. It’s a good idea as well because having this circular shape in a video about circles is relevant.

The use of sound in this video is powerful. The music used in the video is calm but aggressive at the same time which set up the mood and tune of the video. However when it comes to the end of the video the music rises and sound a bit over dramatic for a video like this. Using sound effects made the video interesting to watch as it make us the viewers feel as if we’re in that particular shot. The sound effects are made up of objects in some places e.g the kettle and its added at a certain point as they did not add sound to all of the objects used.

The lighting in the video is balanced and relevant. When its day we can see that the video is well-lit and when its night its clear to us by the dark light. The use of the dark colours in this video is relevant to create unusual effect. The colour scheme and the use of filters is what made this experimental film different from the others. The use of dark colours and filters in the video can suggest how this man’s daily routine seems dark, lazy and nothing interesting. This is backed up by the fact that not a lot of props is used , as we can see in this shot  there is only a bed, a bedside table and a clock this forces the audience to focus on select items throughout.


I think the message within the video that they’re trying to get across is the monotonous routines of daily life, the repetitiveness and life cycle. – Light experimental film

Even though this video is named as an experimental film i think it’s just like a poetic documentary. This video is focusing about lights, the different techniques used with the help of music conveyed a strong emotions to us the viewers. The most thing that i like about this video is the start and the end of it, i like how they’re showing to us how something is coming alive and then leave again and this is relative to my idea. Because my FMP is about life stages, the technique of having the last scene opposite the first scene help me to put my idea of life cycle across to the viewers.


The camera work and the editing of this video is matching the conventions of any experimental film. Most of the scenes are shot hand-held and we can see a bit of movement within the scene, I think this is meant to be like this because they want to make informal but a personal experimental film and to give realism to the video. The camera types that were used in this video are close-ups and wide shot. The use of close-ups is significant as this allows us to feel the emotions behind the video. As this video was shot in a slow paces, the music selected is calming therefore the editing is slower to fit in with the video. By using this technique, it puts the music in time with the video. There was no transitions and no fades, with the editing they have used jump cuts to make the shots flow well together.

The lighting in this video is really good, i liked how they used both day light and night-light in different ways. Having scenes of the shadow in results of the day light going suggest there is an end to everything. The variety of light set up and colours used creates variety that will keep the audience engaged throughout the film. – tracks short documentary.

When we open this video the first thing we see is the quote. This immediately asks the audience a question about their life and journeys and sets them up to be reflective. Captureeed

What I like about this video is the way they have changed the common idea of any poetic documentary. Most poetic documentaries that I watched have time-lapse, they use it because it indicates the passage of time in any video this is shown by the blurry effect on the captured video, however this documentary is in slow motion. I think using this technique is a good idea as it shows the emotions clearly behind each scene. On the other hand i found it a bit boring having the whole video in slow-paced as i thinks having a mix of time-lapse and slow motion is more interesting. This video also relates to my idea because to me its a normal day of someone who have to travel on the train frequently and my FMP is showing what involves in every one of us normal day. To help convey the emotions across to the viewers they have used calm piano music and sound effect of the train stations draw attention.

The use of different camera shots made the video interesting. In this video they have used high angle shots and bird eye view to make us the viewers feel as if we’re observing in the video. High angle shots used so we can have an establish shot of the surroundings. The lighting in this video is all natural lighting, there wouldn’t be any need for external lighting as the train station is well-lit.

This is one of the best shot from the video. I like it because this relates to my idea of life cycles and stages of life. In this shot we can see that there is some people going down the escalator and some going up. This to me convey the message that life doesn’t end at death, there is life after death and it is showing this message in a positive way.


I do think this video matches the conventions you’d expect in any poetic documentary as the use of cutaways of different areas of the train station is significant  because it can add meaning to the scene.

Having footage of people sitting on chair sighing, holding newspaper in their hands and chatting to friend seems as if they belong to this train station. Using members of public people as some of the content make us related to the video.