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FMP Proposal

I am planning to make a poetic documentary about cycle of life, the title of my media product is Life Stages, chose this title because my piece is going to be focusing on the moments of each life stages. My piece will be 3-4 minutes long.

LogLine: A poetic documentary about Life Stages that is expressing its emotions and the message behind it with the help of several techniques like slow motion and time-lapse.

Synopsis: My poetic documentary will have no narrative, but will have a message behind it about life cycle that I hope people at the end will understand it. This is with the help of music and Foley sound effect. I will be filming moments from each life stages without showing the faces of the actors with the exception of the baby. This is because not all of my actors want their face to be shown as well as this is helping me have different variety of audience that can relate.

Characters: In my poetic documentary there will be 6 character from the age 8 months to 60-70 years old made up of a baby boy who is going to be in the babies moment, a boy in the graduation moment a girl who is going to be in the working women moment a man and a women that will be in the couple moment and finally and old person that is going to be in the old people moment. Each one of these characters fit in the documentary as the age categorized them in each life stages.

Locations: In my poetic documentay i have 7 locations, this might be sound alot but each one of theese location is important as it shows something about each life stages. For example for the babies moment i have 3 locations the baby’s room, park and the nursury.

Audience: My intended audience are teenager girls between the age 13-18. From the primary and secondary research that i have gathered before i know that audience wise my poetic documentary will appeal to male and female of all ages because my FMP idea should relate to everyone.

Props/Budget: There is some props that i already have and i don’t need to buy them, and there is some that i need to have a think of where i can get them from.

First of all i have bought LED lights from Amazon that cost me £90 with its batteries. I didn’t think this was a big amount of money as i thought i can have this lights for future use, and its small and portable lights therefore its helpful for when i am filming in more than one place in one day.

Newspaper- can get from any shop, cost 70-75p

New baby boy card- From card factory 99p

Fizzy drink bottle- from Pound Land  £1

work suit ‘charity shop’- Blazer and Trouser cost me £2

Married mug ‘card factory ‘- £5.99

50 years mug ‘card factory’- £3.99

Let/sold sign- borrowed from our house agents.

Already have: pen,folder and papers, baby bottle and food, paper lanterns, wooden block ‘basement’, wedding ring and box, photo frame.

Total: £14.72