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This week I completed most of the documents needed for my FMP idea. Firstly i did the SWOT analysis sheet, this  is where i analyse my final idea looking at the strengths and weaknesses and see if there is any threats that i need to avoid. This was helpful because after doing this i know that i have to look for actors that are good enough for my project as i don’t want to end up choosing someone who is available but not good enough to act. After this as a class we did a per feedback session. In this session i shared my idea to 3 people, i talked about poetic documentary and the conventions of it, i talked about my FMP idea, showed them my mind map and mood board so they can get a clear understanding of my idea. At the end of the session i asked about their opinions on my idea and if they have any suggestions to improve my idea. This was helpful because before the session i was uncertain about how to shoe Death moments, so i showed them my Death moments mood board and asked them if i should show Death in a positive or negative way. Most of them said that i should convey the message of ‘circle of life’.last document i did was the research plan. we had to write a plan on what research are we going to take prior to the production process. I had to write about the audience research, contextual and technical research. I wrote about the primary and secondary research looking at the resources that i can use to help me with my research. At the end of this week i can say that i have done everything to my best, i managed my time to get everything done up to a good standard.

16th April 2016

In the last couple of days I looked over the research plan document. I added screenshots of the related 3 videos that I chose and i wrote a bit more analysis on them.

18th April 2016

In this week I have started my contextual, audience and technical research. I have also conducted my primary and secondary research by doing an online and printed survey. I started thinking about the questions I am going to ask for the focus group discussing about poetic documentary and my FMP idea next week.

End of the week: Finished the contextual research and shared my survey online.

22nd, 23rd April 2017

This weekend I did my technical skills. Firstly i discovered a problem with my camera where it doesn’t film more than 3 minutes therefore i had to film time-lapse and stop motion with my Iphone 6s.

24th April 2017

At the beginning of this week I started to complete all of my research categories Contextual, audience and technical. The contextual research was easy to me because I have done Mise En Scene before. The technical research took more time because there was a problem with my camera filming limit where I had to use my phone instead for the time-lapse and stop motion. And this was successful anyway because the camera on my phone does the time-lapse and stop motion for me without the need of another app. The audience research was successful as well as I have done the online and printed survey, combined the results and at the end of this week I will make sure that I summaries my findings.

28th April 

Today is the deadline for the research. In the last couple of days I have completed my audience and technical research, finished analysing the survey and focus group, therefore today I just had to expand my contextual research and write summary at the end of the technical and audience research. With the audience research I created my own audience profile from the information I had gathered. This week had been successful, I didn’t think that I will meet the deadline because I found some of the contextual research a bit hard but at the end i worked through it and finished everything.

30th April 2017

This week is pre production week, out deadline for this is Friday 5th May. I thought to myself that one week might not be enough for me to complete all of the documents as I have so much going, therefore i had to start pre production documents early by doing the storyboards first.

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Figured that our deadline is tomorrow Wednesday the 10th.

i have completed most of my pre production documents an i a close to submitting this task and go on to start filming.

I hired a graduation gown for couple od days therefore I thought that I can start filming the scenes with the graduation gown so i don’t waste any time.

The filming today wasn’t really successful as my brother “the actor” had a football training session and we couldn’t film as much. However we will film again tomorrow as I hope i can finish all of the graduation scenes.

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Today is the deadline for pre production documents, I have completed all of the documents i just need to scan them and post them to my blog. I also re filmed the graduation moment as it didn’t go really well yesterday.

Thursday 11th May 2017

Today I wrote down the list of props needed for my FMP and went down to Exeter High street. Bought all of the props and it costs me approx £15

Friday 12th May 2017

As it says on my time-table today i am going to film Willowbrook Nursery at 3:30 to 4:30,, i didn’t need more than an hour as i filming small shots. I had to take my sister with me to help with the filming. Today went up to a good standard as i filmed all of the shots with no problem, went back home and looked at the shots on my laptop so i can clearly watch them to identify any problems with it. Over all the shots were really successful and i didn’t need to go back and reschedule the filming.

Saturday 13th Sunday 14th May 2017 

This weekend I went to a vintage book store ‘ book cycle, down the high street of Exeter. The scenes in the bookstore are related to the old people moments in my FMP. On both days i started filming at 12:30 and stayed there for nearly an hour , i scheduled with them to film in two days as the book store can  be crowded and it would be hard for me to film the shots without any distraction. I t was my first time going to this book store so I had some time to look around enjoying the place before filming. At the of this weekend i can say that the whole of this week was successful as what i planned went really well.

Monday 15th May 2017 

Today I went and filmed the mosque from the inside  and outside at 12:00. The filming went really good as there wasnt any people in the mosque and I took my time to film good scenes.

Tuesday 16th May 2017

This Tuesday I started the baby moments scenes. The last couple of days the baby was ill therefore I was having a bit of hard time while filming him, even though i planned to film for 2 hours i only had and hour to film what i can. Because of this i planned with the parent of the baby to plan another day for more than 2 hours so i can film all the baby scenes and have time to re shoot if needed.

Thursday 18th May 2017

Today I continued with the baby moments scenes, I started at 1 pm and finished all of the scenes by 3:30 pm. The filming was successfully as i have filmed everything i need.

Sunday 21st May 2017

As I have planned to film the old people moments at 1 pm, i decided that i could use the morning time to film some of the cutaways and time-lapse. I have filmed time-lapse of the weather and i also did still image photos of small rocks that when i edit i will make it as a moving image that show the idea of life cycle.

Tuesday 23rd may 2017 

This week on the 26th is the editing deadline, therefore I finished all of the scenes and i started editing on Friday so i can meet the deadline for friday at 4:30

Friday 26th may 2017

Today is the deadline for the final piece editing, i have finished all of the editing up to a good standard and i have submit my documentary. I was so worried that i wouldn’t meet the deadline but luckily i did.

Tuesday 6th May 2017

This week is the deadline for FMP and the last week for my media course. From Tuesday I have started to finish off my pre production paper and start my evaluation

Friday 9th May 2017

Today is the deadline for our evaluation, i have done it all. After this i went and start proof reading my blog, scanned all of my pre production documents and uploaded them to the blog. THE END.