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Technical Research

For my FMP  I am going to use a number of techniques that can make my project looks interesting and help me to get the higher marks.

One of the technique I am going to do is time-lapse. I will do time lapse of streets, lights, weather and many more therefore I need to taught myself how to do time lapse with a camera as I haven’t done it before. I can do that by watching YouTube tutorials and find media blogs that talk about time lapse after this i can start experimenting. – From this website I looked at the video tutorials to know more about time lapse. After reading more in to it I learnt that shooting a real time lapse with still photographs would be a better choice over filming a video and then speeding it up. This is because of:

  • Higher resolution – better quality and ability to re frame the shot in post
  • Long exposure shooting – ability to add more motion blur & low light shooting.
  • Less data – i am taking only the frames i need.

Firstly i tried speeded up video from my Iphone.


The experiment was successful for a first time with an Iphone rather than a professional camera. At the end of this experiment i learnt from some of the mistakes that I made so i can avoid them later on. For next time when I will be filming for my FMP i will make sure that the background i want is clear no one is walking in front of the camera blocking out the object i want to film, as lighting is important in every film because it can create a mood and suggest something about the character or the object i will make sure that the lighting suit my location not too bright or too dark. When filming scenes outside i will depend on the natural light but if i am indoors i will make sure that i use some lights because i don’t want my final piece to have little light as this can suggest sad feeling but i want it to be bright and happy.  As well as this i will make sure that i use a tripod because it can help to make my video stabilized, i don’t want my final piece to end up like my previous work when i didn’t use a tripod. .

After uploading one of the experiment videos I discovered that the video is not muted and my voice is clear, because I don’t need my voice i had to research on how to mute a video on YouTube .



The other technique is Bokeh filming.